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2020-21 Club President

We meet Thursdays at 12:00pm

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Watch today's meeting here:
Our Meeting was called to order by President-Elect Eric Weiler.
President-Elect Eric Weiler announced that our Club has joined the Iowa City Business Partnership (fka Chamber of Commerce).  Next week, about a dozen business partners will be joining us for a ribbon cutting.  Membership in the Partnership will provide great visibility for our club, allow us to support the local business community, and expand our outreach.  For the ribbon cutting next week, so please bring a piece of ribbon and scissors next week to hold up during the Zoom call.
Rtn. Pete Wallace announced that as of 9:15 this morning, there is now a mandatory county-wide mask ordinance in Johnson County.
Rtn. Gary Pacha prodivded an update on the Food Fight for CommUnity.  As of 11:30AM, the Downtown Rotary club had yet to donate, IC Noon Rotary has donated almost $2,500, Coralville/North Corridor had yet to post donations, and the Iowa City AM has donated $4,050.  He would love to see our club step up to the plate and donate, as there’s a great need in our community for these services.
Rtn. LaDonna Wicklund announced that the I Can Read songs are being distributed to the schools.  The boxes of materials are heavy and a bunch of schools need deliveries.  Get a hold of LaDonna if you are willing to pick up a box from her home and deliver to a school.
The Rotary Moment of Gratitude and Positivity was delivered by Rtn. Tara Minetos.  She shared her mantras of rational optimism and viewing the world through lenses of gratitude amidst the many crises that 2020 has brought us.
Goat Rider: Mary Rettig.
Rtn. Devin van Holsteijn introduced today’s speaker.  Graviel Nuel Jacobo started the non-profit organization  Centro de Protésis to help those dealing with the effects of the loss of limbs in the Dominican Republic.  Graviel lost his entire right leg at the age of 6 and despite many attempts, could not find assistance within his country.  Receiving his first artificial limb in the United States in 2007 was life changing.  He has worked with Rotary clubs across the country and his organization has set up 4 prostetic clinics, held in churches and hospitals, in the Dominican Republic that provide prostetic limbs and physical therapy at no cost to the patients.  Please learn more at or the Facebook page for Centro de Protesis & Terapia Fisica.
The meeting ended at 12:41 PM as President-Elect Eric Weiler led the assembly in reciting The Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians included: Gary Wicklund (Vale, CO).
Guests of Rotarians: No guests
Program: Devin van Holsteijn; Attendance: Nancy Droll
Please forward any newsworthy items and/or photos to Jon Brown or Janice Baldes to include in the weekly slide decks emailed to members prior to each meeting and shown just before Rotary meetings at the Club. You can send information to: Janice Baldes or Jon Brown at
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at
It is our policy to have all members silence their cell phones before the meeting and refrain from answering their cell phones during the meeting out of respect to the speaker and fellow members.
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